Southern Dot Furniture

Southern Dot Furniture was founded in a small apartment in Frankfort, Kentucky dealing in used office chairs and desks back in 2016. Our infrastructure consisted of a small pickup truck and some rope to tie down items we were delivering to the Frankfort community. Our storage facility was our apartment, and it was so full that we had to climb over chairs in the hallway because there was no room to walk around them.

Since then, we have expanded our operations to cover communities across Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and Tennessee, with hubs in Bowling Green, Lexington, and Louisville. We have supplied hundreds of offices across multiple states with quality used furniture to suit their needs so they can fulfill their duty to their customers.

Although the operation has expanded, we haven't lost our drive and are still rooted in our humble beginnings. We treat every day as if it were still day one and work hard to provide quality, affordable used furniture.